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Safe Sanctuaries

On July 1, 2008 our Safe Sanctuaries policy went into effect.  Here is a list of guidelines you will need to follow during the Sunday school time. Teachers and adult leaders, please do not waver from these rules. They were put in place in order to safeguard our children. We want to do everything we can to make sure our precious little ones are as safe as possible.

  • All events for the children will be open door.  This means that workers, parents, and church members have a right to observe any activity if they are able to do so without disrupting the activity.
  • Adults are reminded to maintain a positive manner and quiet voice; compliment children on good behavior.  Misbehavior should be handled promptly and in a positive manner.
  • Corporal Punishment or the threat of corporal punishment (hitting, spanking, or any form of punishment involving pain) is prohibited.  Workers should consult their supervisor or children’s director regarding behavior problems.
  • No child shall be left unattended.

  • A child will not be sent to find his/her parents or guardians or released to await transportation.  Workers are to release these children only to parents, guardians, or persons specifically authorized to pick up the child.
  • Children 5th grade and under must be accompanied to the restroom.  The buddy system should be used.  Parents and guardians are encouraged to have children use the restroom with parental supervision prior to the start of any activity or worship services.
  • If a worker must accompany a child to the restroom, workers should remain outside the restroom.  A worker may enter the restroom to assist the child as needed but the door must remain open.


Bainbridge First United Methodist Church