• Visiting Us

What To Expect

When you come to visit our congregation, we suggest that you come on a Sunday morning for one of our worship services.  Plan on parking on the south side of the church (across Shotwell St.) or the North side of church (at the corner of Troup and Florida). Enter the church at any door, the majority of which will have greeters who can show you important things (the sanctuary, nursery, bathrooms, etc)

Take a google maps tour of our campus.

In worship:

Traditional Worship is extremely peaceful with superb music each Sunday.  Songs are sung from the United Methodist Hymnbook with a variety of creeds, responsive readings, and creative dramas.

Contemporary Worship is heartfelt and usually pretty upbeat with raised hands and often closed eyes.  Songs are sung with a computer/projector on a screen with frequent uses of audio, video, drama, and using objects in worship (rocks, nails, etc).

Bainbridge First United Methodist Church